About Us

About Us

Meet the Founder

Supriya, a dedicated and passionate individual, embarked on a remarkable journey of self-discovery and transformation.

The Engineering Years

A granddaughter of freedom fighter and daughter of parents who were spiritually connected to nature and surroundings, Supriya was a blend of both zeal and spirit. Since childhood technology has been her keen interest. Fiddling with gadgets and even repairing them during school days was her favourite activity. After she completed engineering she had a normal corporate life but something always used to itch her mind and thats how she started her own venture. Made some cool safety gadgets and won awards for her invention. Later her quench of exploring International market awakened and with sweat and blood she was able to run and operate her company globally.

Awakening to Yoga

Due to her mother, she had inner quench about Ayurveda and Yoga since early days. During pandemic when we all were forced to be locked at home, her long lost dream of imbibing yogic lifestyle knocked and she pursued 500hours Registered Yoga Teacher training from Yoga Alliance. The initial impact yoga had on her physical, mental, and spiritual well-being sparked a newfound passion and curiosity.

 “It gave me an insight about human anatomy. I mean we all know we have kidneys, liver, heart etc but do we know how they function? Another aspect which astonished me was every ailment ( eg: diabetes, thyroid, infertility, skin etc ) can be cured through set of aasans and mudras. I experienced it myself. My excitement of learning the primal aspect of our existence did not stop here, I went on learning different ways of healing for instance, Acupressure was another thing that surprised me. Pressing points on hands to treat pain in legs? Eh? All this was too overwhelming initially but then mind expanded and dived deep into learning each and everything.”

The Call to Teach

As Supriya’s love for yoga deepened, so did the desire to share this ancient practice with others. She started her journey of teaching from her family. “ I used to love taking their body pains away”, said Supriya. “ But still I used to feel I must share my knowledge to rest of the world. It took me time to create a balance between my work and teaching yoga but my passion of healing people never dimmed.”

Supriya noticed people have perception about yoga practitioners that they are soft and naive without any desire of uplifting their life. “It really bothered me since I started getting this treatment where people used to pass judgements. Yoga is much more than this. I strongly believe one can be a monk wearing a suit and driving a Ferrari. I believe Yogis are a combination of FIRE + ICE, which is required to take onto today’s world. They are euphoric and wholesome.”

Supriya loves to make the yoga and spiritual community laugh.  She noticed people were very competitive and took their practice so seriously. “People need to relax and have fun on their yoga and meditation journey. Life is too short to be so intense.” she said.

Supriya was inspired to create a space for the community where they could laugh while they practice.

Dion Yoga

Discover inner harmony and radiant wellness with us. Embrace the transformative power of yoga, mindfulness, and other activities. Nurture your mind, body, and spirit as you find balance and inner peace. Experience the nature, thrill, peace, calm, and spiritual bliss.

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